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What Happened to Counting Cars


What Happened to Counting Cars: A Closer Look

Counting Cars, a popular reality TV show that premiered in 2012, quickly gained a dedicated fan base due to its unique concept and charismatic cast. The show focused on the daily operations of Count’s Kustoms, a Las Vegas-based automobile restoration and customization shop, owned by Danny “The Count” Koker. Over the years, the show has entertained viewers with fascinating automotive transformations, intriguing storylines, and memorable characters. However, fans may have noticed a decline in new episodes and wonder what happened to Counting Cars. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the show’s current status and answer some frequently asked questions.

The Decline of Counting Cars

Counting Cars enjoyed a successful run for several years, with fans tuning in every week to witness the team’s automotive masterpieces come to life. However, as with any television show, factors such as viewer ratings, production costs, and personal decisions can contribute to its decline. In the case of Counting Cars, several reasons have been speculated for its reduced output.

1. The Completion of Storylines:
Initially, Counting Cars showcased the journeys of various car restorations and customizations. After several seasons, it is possible that the show had reached a point where many of the most interesting and challenging projects had been completed. This could have led to a decline in fresh storylines, making it harder to maintain viewer interest.

2. The Focus on Other Ventures:
Danny “The Count” Koker, the show’s central figure, has a multitude of interests beyond Count’s Kustoms. He is a talented musician and performs with his band, Count’s 77. Additionally, Koker is a well-known figure in the Las Vegas casino industry, owning several bars and restaurants. It is possible that his involvement in these other ventures has limited his availability for filming new episodes of Counting Cars.

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3. Viewer Ratings and Network Decisions:
While Counting Cars enjoyed a strong following, viewer ratings play a significant role in determining a show’s future. If ratings decline, networks may choose to reduce the episode count or even cancel a show altogether. It is possible that changes in viewer preferences, competition from other programs, or shifts in the reality TV landscape contributed to the decline of Counting Cars.


Q: Is Counting Cars canceled?
A: As of now, Counting Cars has not been officially canceled. However, new episodes have been infrequent, leading fans to speculate on the show’s future.

Q: Will Counting Cars return for a new season?
A: At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation regarding a new season of Counting Cars. However, fans remain hopeful that the show will return with fresh episodes in the future.

Q: What happened to the Count’s Kustoms crew?
A: The Count’s Kustoms crew, consisting of Kevin Mack, Horny Mike, and Roli Szabo, among others, remains active in the automotive industry. While their appearances on the show have reduced, they continue to work on various projects and collaborate with other car enthusiasts.

Q: Can I visit Count’s Kustoms?
A: Yes, Count’s Kustoms is open to the public and offers guided tours of their facility. Visitors can witness firsthand the incredible craftsmanship and creativity that goes into the car restorations and customizations.

Q: Are there other shows similar to Counting Cars?
A: If you enjoyed Counting Cars, you might also enjoy shows like Fast N’ Loud, American Chopper, or Overhaulin’. These shows revolve around the world of automobile restoration and customization, showcasing incredible transformations and captivating storylines.

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In conclusion, while Counting Cars may have experienced a decline in new episodes, the show remains a beloved part of automotive television history. Whether the decline is due to completion of storylines, personal commitments of the cast, or network decisions, fans continue to hold out hope for the return of Counting Cars. In the meantime, enthusiasts can still visit Count’s Kustoms and explore other shows within the genre to satisfy their automotive fix.

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