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What Cars Have 5×115 Bolt Pattern


Title: What Cars Have the 5×115 Bolt Pattern: A Comprehensive Guide


When it comes to upgrading or replacing wheels on your vehicle, understanding the bolt pattern is crucial. The 5×115 bolt pattern is a popular choice among car enthusiasts due to its versatility and compatibility with various vehicle models. In this article, we will explore the cars that have a 5×115 bolt pattern, along with some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Cars with a 5×115 Bolt Pattern:

1. Buick:
– Buick Lucerne
– Buick LaCrosse
– Buick Regal

2. Cadillac:
– Cadillac CTS
– Cadillac ATS
– Cadillac STS

3. Chevrolet:
– Chevrolet Impala
– Chevrolet Malibu
– Chevrolet Monte Carlo

4. Chrysler:
– Chrysler 300
– Chrysler 200
– Chrysler Sebring

5. Dodge:
– Dodge Charger
– Dodge Challenger
– Dodge Avenger

6. Pontiac:
– Pontiac G6
– Pontiac Grand Prix
– Pontiac Bonneville

7. Saturn:
– Saturn Aura
– Saturn Ion
– Saturn L-Series

8. Saab:
– Saab 9-3
– Saab 9-5

9. Oldsmobile:
– Oldsmobile Aurora
– Oldsmobile Intrigue

10. Opel:
– Opel Insignia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What does 5×115 bolt pattern mean?
A1: The bolt pattern refers to the number of lug nuts and the distance between them on a wheel. In the case of a 5×115 bolt pattern, it means that the wheel has five lug nuts spaced 115 millimeters apart from each other.

Q2: Can I install wheels with a different bolt pattern on my car?
A2: It is generally not recommended to install wheels with a different bolt pattern on your car. The bolt pattern is specific to your vehicle and ensures proper fitment and safety. Using wheels with an incompatible bolt pattern can lead to various issues, including wheel misalignment, vibrations, and compromised handling.

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Q3: Are spacers necessary when installing wheels with a 5×115 bolt pattern?
A3: Spacers are not always necessary when installing wheels with a 5×115 bolt pattern. However, they might be required if the new wheels have a different offset or if you want to achieve a more aggressive stance. It is advisable to consult with a professional to ensure proper fitment and safety.

Q4: Can I use hub-centric rings with a 5×115 bolt pattern?
A4: Yes, hub-centric rings can be used with wheels that have a 5×115 bolt pattern. Hub-centric rings help center the wheel and provide a more secure fit, reducing vibrations and improving overall performance.

Q5: Can I switch to a different bolt pattern on my car?
A5: Switching to a different bolt pattern on your car is possible, but it requires more than just changing the wheels. You would need to modify the hubs, install new brake rotors, and potentially make other modifications to ensure compatibility. It is a complex and costly process, so it is recommended to stick with the original bolt pattern or consult with a professional before attempting such modifications.


The 5×115 bolt pattern is widely used in various car models, offering car enthusiasts a wide selection of wheel options. Whether you own a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, Oldsmobile, or Opel, the 5×115 bolt pattern ensures that you can find wheels that fit your vehicle perfectly. Remember to consider the FAQs section for valuable insights and consult with professionals for expert advice when upgrading or replacing your wheels.

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