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Ways to Find a Great Used Car

Michael Jones

Auto Loan Expert

In the old days finding a great used car was a hassle. People had to pour through newspapers and magazines, and visit dealership after dealership. However, with the advent of the internet there are plenty of ways to find a great used car, and even find the lowest auto loan rates for used cars. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find a great used car through the traditional methods, but new technology does enhance the older options substantially.

The Internet and Dealerships

While there are lots of different ways to find a great used car, dealerships are easily one of the most common. They offer a great option for those who want variety, as dealerships have a number of different used cars all in one place. Most even help with financing by offering a used car loan calculator. Canada, US, Europe, it doesn’t matter, dealerships are still a popular place to go if you’re looking for a great used car.

In addition to their variety, dealerships also offer the benefit of warranties, service agreements, and certification programs that can help you ensure that you’re getting the used car that you want. Finally, dealerships can help you with paperwork that you’ll have to fill out yourself if you use a private seller, which can save you time and several headaches.

Ways to Find a Great Used Car


In addition to dealerships, there are a number of websites that allow individuals to put their own used car online for sale. This option has a number of benefits when you’re looking to find a great used car. Most sites offer information on interest for used car loan, as well as information about rates for different kinds of loans, like used car loan rates 60 months. The sites also have the advantage of letting users compare and contrast different cars all in one place. This is very different from the past techniques which would involve driving around to different locations, taking notes on the cars, and then going back to compare later.

However, unlike dealerships, you can’t take each car for a test drive, if you can get a test drive at all. This can impair consumer’s ability to make a decision about the different cars, and is one aspect of dealerships that modern car finding strategies haven’t been able to replicate.

Additionally, because these websites serve as posting boards for private individuals, there’s no way to know if the information they provide, for example the mileage on the car, is accurate, and there’s not as many ways to seek recourse if there is a misrepresentation or issue with the car you buy.

Banks and Auctions

A third popular option is getting used cars from banks and auctions. Banks and various government organizations will have used cars taken as collateral against a defaulted loan or seized in the course of criminal investigations. These options can allow individuals to get cars much cheaper than they otherwise would. Some banks will even help you with the loan for the used car you’re looking at. This is very helpful if, for example, you are buying a car from USAA and you love the USAA used car loan rates.

However, getting a used car from a bank or auction has many of the same problems that buying through private parties over websites does, namely that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to test drive the car before you buy it. As a result you may wind up with a car that isn’t what you had hoped it would be.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to get a great used car in the modern age. Take advantage of new technologies to compare different cars. You can also use prices from one location to help negotiate or haggle for a lower price with another vendor. Moreover, you can check reviews from other people who have purchased similar used cars to get an idea of how reliable the used car you’re considering is.

Failure to take advantage of the internet and apply its power to your quest for a great used car is a surefire way to miss out on some great deals, so don’t let yourself be left in the digital dust. Get a great used car today!