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The Advantages of Certified Used Cars

Christine Spencer

Auto Loan Expert

Many people are intimidating by the process of buying a used car. Everyone has heard horror stories about people who have spent a large sum of money on a used car, only for it to break down a week later and require thousands of dollars in repairs. Thankfully, a trend in used car buying may make such horror stories a thing of the past: Certified Used Cars.

What is a Certified Used Car?

The Advantages of Certified Used Cars

A certified used car is a car that was previously owned and then obtained by a dealership, usually as part of a trade in. The dealership inspects the car and ensures that all of its mechanical parts are in good repair, as well as ensuring the quality of the paint job, interior, and features in the car. Additionally, buying certified can have an effect on your used car loan.

What are the Advantages of Certified Used Cars?

The biggest advantage of certified used cars is that it takes the guessing game out of the used car buying process. For example, Derek Loane used cars ensure that all of their certified used cars are in factory approved condition. This kind of reassurance is important in a world where a used car loan term length can be as much as five years. No one wants to be paying a bill for a car that they didn’t get to use because it broke down! Even the best used car loans don’t have a provision for the car itself coming apart, so certified used cars are a great way to ensure you’ll get the value you pay for.

Another advantage of certified used cars is that some banks view them as less of a risk than other used cars, and so the best used car loans are usually for certified used cars. These loans can be offered well below the average APR for used car loan. For individuals who have bad credit, buying certified might be the best way to get a loan for a used car.

Moreover, certified used cars are almost always serviced while they are being certified. As a result, they can go longer before needing their first oil change, and will have all the fluids that help make the car work like it should. This can save consumers a noticeable amount of money on maintenance and repairs, and may prevent disasters resulting from a lack of visibility because your car was out of windshield washing fluid.

Can I Trust Certified Used Cars?

One of the best things about certified used cars is that the car manufacturer itself authorizes certification. This means you can be sure the mechanics who inspected your car and made sure it was in good working order, and have the level of training they need to be able to make these expert assessments.

Frequently the mechanics that certify used cars have been trained by the manufacturer themselves. This level of training is hard to match anywhere else, which lends greater credibility to the certified claim of reliability. Additionally, most dealerships that certify used cars are specialists for that brand of car. For example, a certified used Honda will likely only be offered by a Honda dealership, so the mechanics that work there work almost exclusively on Hondas. This means that the mechanics have the experience needed to properly assess the status of a used car, as well as the know how to fix any problems that might exist in the best way possible.

Should I Buy a Certified Used Car?

Short answer: absolutely. Certified used cars are frequently covered by warranties and service agreements. These warranties are the business’s show of confidence in its own work. Additionally, the warranty and service agreements will protect you in case something went wrong and your car breaks down. All of this means that certified used cars are more likely to be reliable and more likely to be worth the money you’re paying for it. Paying less for a used car that isn’t certified may be tempting, and may be the best choice for individuals who have the mechanical know how to assess a car themselves, but buying a certified used car is the best way to make sure that the car you get is a car you’ll be happy owning for years.