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Buying the Best Used Car

Christine Spencer

Auto Loan Expert

Everyone has their own idea about what the best car is. Therefore it’s only natural that everyone also has their own idea about how to buy the best used car. However, it is important to understand what it means to be the “best.” Is the best used car the fastest used car? Is it the cheapest used car? Is it the used car with the most features or fewest miles? The correct answer is all of the above. The best used car should provide the greatest value for the amount of money that you spend on it.

Factors to Consider in a Used Car

Buying the Best Used Car

There are a number of factors that should be considered when you are looking for the best used car. These factors can be fitted into a few broader categories: condition, performance, features, price, and financing.


The first thing you’ll want to check for is the condition of the car. Check for rust spots and leaks. Look inside and see how well the interior of the car has been cared for. Rips, tears, and stains in the interior are a sign that your used car may not have been very well taken care of, and thus may not be the best. Furthermore, you’ll be seeing your car’s interior far more often than the outside, so getting the best used car means that you need to be comfortable and happy while using it. This is especially true when you consider that a used car loan length can be as long as five years.


A car’s performance is also important. No one wants a car that can’t go from zero to sixty, or one that turns like a British ship-of-the-line. Test drives are the best way to evaluate the performance of a used car, which can also be affected by how the car was cared for by previous owners. You should make sure the car accelerates and stops at a rate that works for you and will let you safely maneuver in traffic. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure that the used car can perform the tasks you need it for. For example, if you will be towing equipment, you’ll want to ensure that your used car has the torque needed to get moving, and the brakes needed to stop in a safe distance. With auto loans for used cars getting more expensive all the time, getting a car that doesn’t have the right performance can be a costly mistake.


The third aspect of the best used car is having the right features. Some individuals prefer to have access to expansive entertainment options, while others are interested only in how fast the car will go. Find the right mix of features and performance that match your preferred driving style. Used car loan providers aren’t concerned if you’re happy with your car or not, and you might drive the used car you’re considering for the next 10 years, so enjoying your driving experience is going to be an important factor to consider. Also, make sure that you’re not paying for features you don’t need. For example, heated seats might be a must in Michigan, but won’t get much use in Miami.


Finally – getting the best used car means getting the best car at the best price. It is important to take into account how much the car will cost to run when considering the price. Even if you get a good deal on the car itself, a gas guzzler is still going to cost you a lot of money, especially considering the ever-rising price of gas. It is also important to understand how much your monthly payment will be if you are getting a US bank car loan, as banks have to charge interest in order to make money. A used car auto loan calculator is a great tool that will give you a better idea of the overall cost of your car, rather than just considering the sticker price.


It’s important for everyone to get the used car that is best for them. By following the advice in this guide and measuring condition, performance, and features against the price of the car, savvy buyers will be able to find the best used car for them without a problem.