Auto Loan Guide Vehicle How to Keep Birds From Pooping on Your Car Mirrors

How to Keep Birds From Pooping on Your Car Mirrors


How to Keep Birds From Pooping on Your Car Mirrors

Birds can be a beautiful addition to the natural environment, but when they decide to use our cars as their personal bathrooms, it can be quite frustrating. Bird droppings not only look unsightly on our car mirrors, but they can also damage the paint and cause other long-term issues. If you’re tired of constantly cleaning up bird droppings from your car mirrors, here are some effective methods to keep those feathered friends away.

1. Reflective Deterrents
Birds are naturally wary of reflective surfaces, as they perceive them as potential threats. Utilizing this instinct, you can attach reflective objects near your car mirrors. Options include hanging CDs, aluminum foil strips, or even small mirrors. The movement and glittering reflections will deter birds from approaching your car mirrors, reducing the chances of them leaving their droppings behind.

2. Motion-Activated Devices
Birds are startled by sudden movements and noises. Take advantage of this by installing motion-activated devices near your car mirrors. These devices emit sounds or create sudden movements that startle birds and discourage them from landing on your car. You can find a wide variety of these devices in stores or online, specifically designed to repel birds.

3. Decoys
Birds are territorial creatures. By placing a decoy near your car mirrors, you can convince them that another bird has already claimed the area, making them less likely to land there. Popular decoys include plastic owls or hawks, which can be easily mounted on your car or on a nearby surface. However, it’s important to occasionally move the decoys around to prevent birds from realizing they are not real.

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4. Bird-Proofing Gel
Bird-proofing gel is a sticky substance that can be applied to surfaces such as your car mirrors. Birds dislike the sticky texture, making it unpleasant for them to land on treated areas. Ensure you clean and dry your car mirrors thoroughly before applying the gel. Remember to regularly reapply the gel as it may lose its stickiness over time.

5. Netting or Covers
If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider using netting or covers to protect your car mirrors from bird droppings. By covering the mirrors with a fine mesh netting or specially designed covers, you create a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing the mirrors. Although this method may require some extra effort, it provides a foolproof way of keeping birds away from your car mirrors.


Q: How often should I clean my car mirrors?
A: It is recommended to clean your car mirrors at least once a week, especially during bird-heavy seasons. Promptly removing bird droppings is essential to prevent any potential damage to the paint.

Q: Can bird droppings damage my car’s paint?
A: Yes, bird droppings can harm your car’s paint. They contain acidic substances that can corrode the paint surface if left for an extended period. Regular cleaning is crucial to protect your car’s finish.

Q: Are there any natural remedies to repel birds?
A: Yes, there are several natural remedies you can try. Birds dislike the smell of certain herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary. Placing these herbs around your car mirrors may discourage birds from landing. However, keep in mind that the effectiveness of natural remedies may vary.

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Q: Can I use sticky tape or adhesive sheets to keep birds away?
A: While sticky tape or adhesive sheets may seem like a quick fix, they can leave a residue on your car mirrors and damage the paint when removed. It is best to avoid using these methods.

Q: Can I use bird repellent sprays?
A: Bird repellent sprays can be effective in keeping birds away from your car mirrors. However, make sure to choose a bird-friendly and non-toxic spray that does not harm the birds or the environment.

In conclusion, dealing with bird droppings on your car mirrors can be a hassle. By utilizing reflective deterrents, motion-activated devices, decoys, bird-proofing gel, or netting, you can effectively keep birds away from your car mirrors. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to prevent any potential damage. Remember to explore natural remedies and bird-friendly solutions to ensure a harmonious coexistence with our feathered friends.

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