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How Much Does a Car Hauler Trailer Weigh


How Much Does a Car Hauler Trailer Weigh?

If you’re in the market for a car hauler trailer, one of the key factors to consider is its weight. The weight of the trailer plays a crucial role in determining whether it can safely transport your vehicle and if it complies with legal requirements. In this article, we will delve into the topic of car hauler trailer weights, providing you with essential information to make an informed decision. We will also address some frequently asked questions at the end to address any lingering concerns you may have.

Understanding Car Hauler Trailer Weight

Car hauler trailers come in various sizes and configurations, resulting in a wide range of weight specifications. The weight of a trailer is typically determined by the materials used, construction style, and overall design. To better understand car hauler trailer weights, let’s explore three common types of trailers: open car haulers, enclosed car haulers, and flatbed car haulers.

1. Open Car Haulers: Open car haulers are the most basic type of car hauler trailer and are often used by individuals or small businesses. These trailers typically consist of a flatbed with two or more axles and a ramp for loading and unloading vehicles. Their weight can vary depending on the size and materials used, but a general range for open car haulers is between 1,500 to 3,000 pounds (680 to 1,360 kilograms).

2. Enclosed Car Haulers: Enclosed car haulers offer added protection and security for the vehicles being transported. They feature walls, a roof, and sometimes even climate control systems. Due to their additional features and materials, enclosed car haulers tend to be heavier than open car haulers. The weight of an enclosed car hauler can range from 2,500 to 6,000 pounds (1,134 to 2,722 kilograms), depending on the size and construction.

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3. Flatbed Car Haulers: Flatbed car haulers are a popular choice for commercial car transporters. They consist of a flatbed without any walls or roof, allowing for greater flexibility in loading and transporting different types of vehicles. The weight of flatbed car haulers can vary significantly depending on their size and construction materials. Typically, they range from 2,000 to 6,000 pounds (907 to 2,722 kilograms).

Factors Affecting Car Hauler Trailer Weight

Apart from the type of car hauler trailer, several other factors can influence its weight:

1. Size: The dimensions of the trailer, such as length, width, and height, contribute to its overall weight. Larger trailers will generally be heavier due to the increased amount of materials required.

2. Construction Materials: The type of materials used in the construction of the trailer can significantly impact its weight. Steel trailers tend to be heavier but offer durability and strength, while aluminum trailers are lighter but may sacrifice some robustness.

3. Accessories and Features: Additional accessories and features like winches, ramps, toolboxes, and spare tire mounts can add weight to the trailer. It is essential to consider these extras when calculating the overall weight capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are there weight restrictions for car hauler trailers?
A: Yes, weight restrictions vary by jurisdiction and depend on the trailer’s design, axles, and intended use. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with your local laws to ensure compliance.

Q: How can I determine the weight of my loaded trailer?
A: To determine the weight of your loaded trailer accurately, you can utilize a truck scale or weigh station. It is recommended to weigh your trailer when loaded to guarantee you’re not exceeding any weight regulations.

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Q: Can I tow a car hauler trailer with my vehicle?
A: Before towing a car hauler trailer, you should ensure that your vehicle is rated for the weight of the trailer and the load you intend to carry. Consult your vehicle’s manual or contact the manufacturer to determine its towing capacity.

Q: Do I need a special license to tow a car hauler trailer?
A: License requirements for towing car hauler trailers vary by jurisdiction. In some cases, a regular driver’s license is sufficient, while others may require a special endorsement or commercial driver’s license. Research the regulations in your area to ensure compliance.


The weight of a car hauler trailer is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing one for your vehicle transportation needs. Open car haulers generally weigh between 1,500 to 3,000 pounds, enclosed car haulers range from 2,500 to 6,000 pounds, and flatbed car haulers weigh between 2,000 to 6,000 pounds. Several factors, such as size, construction materials, and accessories, can influence the trailer’s weight. It is essential to know the weight restrictions in your area and ensure your vehicle is capable of safely towing the trailer. By understanding these factors and adhering to regulations, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing a car hauler trailer.

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