USAA Auto Loan Rates


Auto Loan Refinance APR

USAA has no hidden costs, prepayment penalties or application fees.
Services are available only to members of the armed forces or their families.
USAA is a financial provider that offers very low rates on their auto loans. Application of the auto loan is online-based, simple easily accessible. Borrowers with poor, fair, good and excellent credit are eligible for the auto loan service.
USAA was founded in 1922 and has overtime grown into a lucrative business with millions of customers. It offers a wide range of financial services to military members and their families. Auto loans are among the many financial products offered by the company.

USAA Auto Loans

The company offers three types of loan: used car loans, new car loans and refinance loans. According to our review, the auto loans are very versatile with huge amounts of loan. Interests offered by the company depend on the borrower’s loan amount, type of car and his/her credit’s profile.

 The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for used vehicles is as low as 2.49 % and 1.99% if the car buying service discount is applied. For used cars, the APR is 2.99% and 2.49% after the company`s discount. Last but not least, the APR are as low as 2.49% for 2016 or newer models and 2.99% for 2015 or older vehicles.

You get the USAA `s car buying service discount if you purchase the vehicle using the USAA`s car buying service. Our review shows that the auto loans are very efficient as they do not have originating fees, hidden or penalty fees.

Application and repayment.

To access the auto loans, you apply online. You can sign the documents online and print the loan check in less than five minutes. Our review finds this to be very impressive. With a smart phone, you can send the car dealer check via the USAA`s app.

You can also call the USAA representative if you are unable to apply for the auto loan online. The terms of the loan range from 12 to 84 months and mostly depends on the vehicle`s value.

Customer service

The company`s representatives treat the clients with respect and are very prompt when it comes to returning phone calls. Our review shows that its services are beyond excellent.


USAA has some of the lowest rates available compared to many financial providers. It considers clients with poor, fair, good and excellent credits.