US Bank Auto Loan Rates


Auto Loan Refinance APR

The bank has powerful tools and apps that makes it easy for you keep track of your spending, send money and deposit checks.

US bank has high origination and application fees.

US Bank has a multitude of financial products. The auto loan service however, stands out because of its flexibility and excellent credit history.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the US bank was constructed in 1987-1989. It has very efficient and competent financial services and earns good ratings in our review.

US Bank offers several cards such as credit cards, flex perks credit cards and Visa gift cards.  It also provides travel reward credit cards which offer members a wide range of benefits.

Versatile loans

US bank offers very versatile loans with flexible terms. For the best rates, you require a 36- month term with a loan amounting to $10, 000. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for an auto loan   is 2.87% for either used or new cars. The bank offers a 0.25% discount checking discount on the APR. If however you aren’t a checking package customer, the bank gives you an option of creating a checking account.

Refinancing is vital as it changes the APR and enables you to transfer your vehicle`s title between lenders.  The APR levels down to 2.37% for auto refinance loans ensuring that you save a couple of dollars per year.

Application and repayment

Application of the auto loan in the US bank is online based. You are required to fill an application and submit your social security number including your employment and income. Part of the application requires that a credit check is made which eventually may affect your credit score.

Refinancing on longer term basis decreases your monthly payments but may increase the cumulative interest over the life of the newly acquired loan. You may also benefit from very low interest rates if you refinance.

Customer support

With the most efficient and competent customer care service, the U.S. Bank guarantees a great banking experience. The bank has telephone banking specialists and representatives at the physical branches who guide you all through your transactions on phone or in person.


US Bank provides adequate financial services with all its variety of products and adjustable lending rates. The bank representatives are very amiable and offer very good customer support. Our review shows that it is an excellent auto loan provider.